Here’s the Tea on Jessica Dime Beating Up Lovely Mimi Backstage at the Season 6 Reunion Taping

Oh, Lawd! As we all know, there is always some sort of drama going on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. This time, it involves a fight that broke out between big booty Jessica Dime and newcomer Lovely Mimi and it happened behind the scenes of the Season 6 Reunion Taping.
Apparently Dime (who apparently just can’t keep her hands to herself) knows how to dish out a beat down and then act like nothing ever happened. Jessica reportedly hit Lovely Mimi with a left hook and then walked back to set, fixing her hair.
The Reason You Ask? This All happened reportedly because Lovely Mimi told crazy Tommie Lee that Jessica was hanging out with Joseline’s trifling behind again. (Sorry, my personal bias was all up and through that last sentence. Oh, well.)
As we all know by now, this isn’t Jessica’s first fight this season as Dime got into an altercation with newcomer Treasure P. Treasure decided it was funny to brag about sleeping with married men to Rasheeda and Jessica Dime decided to snatch Treasure up real quick.
Now everyone knows that married men cheating has been a very sore subject for Rasheeda – not just season but every season of this show. Not only does she continue to deal with Kirk’s stupid behind, she now has to entertain the possibility that he has a love child with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta newcomer Jasmine Washington.
Anyway, As far as the Jessica Dime & Lovely Mimi altercation at the Season 6 reunion show, Jessica says she has no regrets for her behavior and made it very clear on her Instagram account. (See The Next Page )
Lovely Mimi on the other hands says she wasn’t left lying on the floor like a crying baby, during her fight with Jessica. But who would really believe otherwise? Clearly, we all know who the heavy-booty champion is and sorry Lovely Mimi, it’s not you.
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