A family fight over Samsung’s Taegeuk mark? There is also Lee Jae-hyun with a long hit

It was Lee Jae-hyeon (20)’s hit that saved Samsung from being dragged 1-2 in the 9th inning at the Hanwha match held at Daejeon Stadium on the 22nd.

Lee Jae-hyun, who was named in the starting lineup as the 8th shortstop that day, tied the score 2-2 with an infield hit by Kim Dong-yeop, who went to bat earlier, and continued to hit right-handed hits from the 2nd and 1st and 2nd bases to overturn the game to 4-2. contributed Samsung, which gained momentum, scored one more point and won 5-3.메이저사이트

With the victory on this day, Samsung pushed out Hanwha and rose to the limit from 9th to 8th. Lee Jae-hyun’s concentration raised the team’s ranking.

After graduating from Seoul High School, Lee Jae-hyun, who wore a Samsung uniform as the first nomination in the 2022 rookie draft, gathered expectations as a promising player to carry the future in the team.

Last year, the first year of his first team debut, he settled down with a batting average of 0.235, 7 home runs and 23 RBIs in 75 games. And he played in 107 more games this year, posting a batting average of 0.251 and hitting 10 home runs. Among players the same age as Lee Jae-hyun, born in 2003, only Hanwha Noh Si-hwan (born in 2000) recorded double-digit home runs this season. This ‘one shot’ that Lee Jae-hyun has can also be useful for the Asian Games national team.

The baseball team for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September is experiencing many variables, such as Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) missing due to injury.

In the meantime, the names of candidates to replace this position are being discussed. In Samsung, Kim Hyun-joon has been selected as a leading candidate. Left-handed outfielder Kim Hyun-jun, who joined in 2021, was one of the hottest hitters in July. He recorded his batting average of 0.357 and 12 RBIs in 18 games in July, imprinting his name.

However, entering August, he is not showing as much power as in July with a batting average of 0.253 in 18 games. In terms of batting average in August, Lee Jae-hyun has a better batting average with a batting average of 0.391 in 18 games.

The baseball team is closely examining candidates for replacement players. In the meantime, Samsung is planning to compete for the Taegeuk mark with Lee Jae-hyun and Kim Hyun-joon’s ‘fight in the house’.

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