Ohtani’s 10G consecutive home run was silent… Achieved 40-20 for the second time in his life, added 2 walks, ‘showing off his health’

Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) has not hit a home run in 10 consecutive games. There were no hits for two consecutive games. However, he achieved 40-20 by stealing his 20th base of the season. 메이저사이트

Ohtani started as the number 2 designated hitter in the 2023 Major League Baseball away game against the Oakland Athletics held at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California, USA on the 4th (Korean time), and recorded no hits in 2 at-bats, 2 walks, and 1 stolen base. Season batting average 0.304.

Ohtani has not added a home run in 10 consecutive games since the first game of a doubleheader against the Cincinnati Reds on August 24. He’s still sitting at 44 home runs. 3 behind the club record (47 home runs). He even failed to hit a hit in two consecutive games following the game against Oakland on the 3rd.

Coincidentally, it looks like he hasn’t hit a home run since he declared a pitcher’s season out due to an elbow injury. He is actively hitting hits, and on this day, he even stole bases after a walk, showing off his athletic ability. However, there is a lot of controversy among the American media about Ohtani, who needs to undergo Tommy John surgery, to play as a batsman.

Ohtani came to bat for the first time in the top of the first inning when the score was 0-0 with one out and no runners on base. Against Oakland left-handed starting pitcher Kyle Mueller, he reached first base by hitting a 95 mph four-seamer at a ball count of 3B1S. Walk. However, he failed to score due to a missed follow-up hit.

Ohtani’s second at-bat was in the top of the third inning, when the score was still 0-0, with two outs and no runners on base. He responded to an 89 mph slider with a full count, but got kicked out by a fly ball to first base. In the top of the 5th inning with a 3-0 lead and no runners with one out, Seo picked off a 94 mph sinker from 3B1S to right-hander Adrian Martinez and received another walk. Brandon Drury struck out but succeeded in stealing second base. 20 stolen bases in the season. Stealing base for the first time in 7 games since the New York Mets game on August 27th.

Ohtani’s 20th steal of the season is the second in his career, following 2021 (26 steals). This is the second 40-20 of his career. Although his right elbow requires surgery, he showed off that he has no problems with stealing bases. However, no score was scored due to Randal Grichic’s ground ball to shortstop.

Ohtani took his fourth at-bat in the top of the 7th inning, when the score was tied 4-4, with no runners on base and one out. He was struck out by left-hander Francisco Perez on an 82 mph slider in 1B2S. In the top of the 9th inning, trailing 6-10, with 1 out and 1 out, the first baseman struck out again on a slider in 1B2S against left-hander Kirby Snead.

The LA Angels lost 6-10 to Oakland. Lost 3 times in a row. 8th place in the American League wild card race with 64 wins and 73 losses. They fell a whopping 12.5 games behind the third-place Texas Rangers.

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