1st place goes to AG… 2nd place is the bottom of the home run sense… It has been 17 years since Lee Dae-ho’s 26 homeruns. Can’t see 30 home runs

Will there be a home run king with fewer than 30 home runs in 17 years?

He has fewer home runs this season. As of the 7th, the total number of home runs in the KBO League is 579,메이저사이트 which is 1.24 per game. Last year, it was 1.51 (720 games – 1085 home runs) per game, in 2021 it was 1.61 (720 games – 1158), and it was 1.41 (720 games – 1014) in 2019, when the single official ball with poor rebound was started. not coming out

The home run race is also slow. Roh Si-hwan of the Hanwha Eagles is in first place with 23, and Choi Jeong of SSG Landers is second with 20. In third place, SSG Choi Joo-hwan, LG Twins Park Dong-won, and Doosan Bears Yang Seok-hwan are hitting 16 each.

Currently, it is not easy to hit 30 home runs unless there is an explosive home run drive.

Noh Si-hwan can arithmetically 36, and he can hit up to 31. The three tied for third place are not easy arithmetically. In fact, it is a situation where two people are challenging 30.

Roh Si-hwan only hit 2 in April, but showed steady performance by hitting 7 in May, 6 in June, and 6 in July.

However, Roh Si-hwan’s season is likely to end in mid-September. Because he will compete in the Hangzhou Asian Games. Currently, the KBO cannot digest the league for about 3 weeks because the call for the Asian Games national team is about September 20, and the Asian Games baseball finals are held on October 7.

He has consistently hit home runs, and his home run pace is not bad lately. If you add 7 more before leaving, you can fill 30, so if you keep the recent pace well, you can see that the possibility is sufficient.

Choi Jeong, who was not selected for the national team, may have a better chance than Roh Si-hwan. Choi Jeong-eun, who hit 4 home runs in April and 4 in May, started the home run race at once by hitting 11 home runs in June alone. However, he only hit one home run in 10 games due to injury in July, and has not yet reported a home run in 6 games in August. He tends to have ups and downs in home runs, but once he gets the hang of it, he makes a huge run, so we can expect Choi Jeong.

In the early days of the KBO League, if you exceeded 20, you could become the home run king. In 1988, Haitai Kim Seong-han captured 30 hills for the first time by hitting 30, and in 1992, Binggrae Jang Jong-hoon broke through the first 40 hills with 41. In 1999, Samsung Lee Seung-yeop broke the 50 mark with 54. In the 2000s, when the number of home runs increased, it was hard to see a home run champion with less than 30 home runs. It was the first and last time Lotte’s Lee Dae-ho became the home run king with 26 in 2006. In 2011, Choi Hyeong-woo of Samsung became the home run king with 30, the lowest number since Lee Dae-ho.

Among Roh Si-hwan and Choi Jeong, who can surpass 30 and become the home run king?

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