‘Although Klinsmann was neglected’, K-League recorded the highest paid audience of all time, reaching ‘2.38 million pace’… With 52 games remaining, it exceeded 1.83 million.

Jürgen Klinsmann, head coach of the national soccer team, was criticized for not closely observing the K-League players by staying overseas and continuing to work remotely. As the K-League’s box office fever was heating up, the dissatisfied reaction toward Klinsmann was bound to be especially louder.바카라

The Korea Professional Football League announced on the 16th, “As of 3:30 p.m. on this day, a total of 1,837,901 paid spectators attended 176 games.”

This is the largest attendance record for a single season since 2018, when the federation began counting paid spectators. The previous record was 1,827,061 people (228 games) in 2019.

The K-League will hold its 30th round schedule this weekend. There are 8 games left for each team, for a total of 52 games. It is on pace to reach 2.38 million spectators.

Coach Klinsmann finally achieved his first victory in 6 games since taking charge of the Korean national team this year. Aside from the results, he was also criticized for not understanding the team management and players properly.

The reason the intensity of criticism intensified was because, contrary to what he had announced when he took office, he continued to work remotely. The explanation of checking players active in Europe and understanding the trends of world soccer did not sufficiently convince soccer fans.

Rather, the evaluation continued that K-League players were being neglected. He watched K-League games and said that he left the job of getting to know the players to the coaching staff, and he also appointed players who were not in good condition in the K-League, once again increasing the anger of soccer fans.

Coach Klinsmann, who had recently completed his national team schedule, suddenly changed his schedule and chose to go to Korea. He left the country on the 1st of last month and arrived on Korean soil about a month and a half later.

He said, “I came because I heard that many people were waiting,” and added, “I think we will meet again at the K-League site.”

It is meaningful that I once again felt the importance of the K-League, whether intentionally or unintentionally. This is deeply related to the reason for the K-League’s success. This is because the competitiveness of the K-League is increasing and the notable growth of young players is the reason more spectators visit the site. Moreover, the national team coach must have a better understanding of these players than anyone else.

Coach Klinsmann plans to visit the K-League stadium this weekend as well. On the 16th, we will visit Jeonju World Cup Stadium, where Jeonbuk Hyundai and Gangwon FC will clash, and on the 17th, we will visit Seoul World Cup Stadium to watch the match between FC Seoul and Gwangju FC.

This year’s K League 1 showed great enthusiasm from the opening game. An average of 10,443 people visit the site per game. Expectations are growing that the average audience will be recorded at 10,000 for the first time after counting paid audiences.

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