AG women’s soccer bracket has been quietly changed… ‘Korea-Japan match in quarterfinals’ scenario likely to disappear

Just before the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games, some of the women’s soccer quarterfinal matchups were changed without prior notice, raising the possibility that the Korea-Japan match, which was originally expected to be held around the quarterfinals, will be postponed.카지노

According to the Asian Games women’s soccer quarterfinal bracket announced on the competition website on the 18th, the first place in Group E, which Korea belongs to, will face the second place in Group D or the first place in Group C. The first place in Group D will clash with the first place in Group C or second place in Group E for advancement to the semifinals.

The Asian Games women’s soccer will be held in five groups in the group stage, with three teams assigned to Groups A to C, and four teams assigned to Groups D and E. After the group stage, the five countries ranked 1st in each group and the top 3 countries ranked 2nd in each group will participate in the quarterfinals.

However, in the original bracket, the first place in Group D and Group E were supposed to meet in the quarterfinals. In the case of Korea, which belongs to Group E, there was a high possibility that it would clash with Japan, which was likely to take first place in Group D, in the quarterfinals.

However, as the matchup format changed ahead of the opening of the tournament, the possibility of a quarterfinal match between Korea and Japan has decreased significantly. In the new match-up format, Korea and Japan will meet in the finals if they rank first in Group E and Group D, respectively.

Regarding the sudden change in the match-up, the Korea Football Association said, “We have not received any notification from the Asian Games Organizing Committee,” and “We have not received any official letter or notification.” The association claims that when it received a file summarizing the schedule for all Asian Games events from the organizing committee on the 8th, there was no mention of changes to the soccer lineup. Instead, it is said that the guidelines received on the same day presented a changed bracket without any information about the schedule change.

The change in matchmaking format is expected to be good news for both Korea and Japan. This is because the pressure of the head-to-head match is high and both countries have enough power to aim for the championship in Asia.

Colin Bell, head coach of the women’s national soccer team, met with reporters during a convocation training in Paju on the 5th and said, “I don’t understand the system where if we take first place in the group stage, we have to face Japan (the first place in the other group),” and “Why are the top two teams competing against each other?” Have a fight? I don’t know. “Let’s see what happens,” she once said with a stern expression.

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