U.S. praise “NL treasure, top possible”… Awesome Kim standing side by side with Ohtani, the reason why Kim Ha-seong sweeps ‘high praise’

The treasure of the National League as long as the ransom price does not rise too much”메이저사이트

At the time of signing a contract with the San Diego Padres for up to 39 million dollars (approximately 50.9 billion won) in 4 + 1 years prior to the 2021 season, Kim Ha-seong was at the level of the big leagues. I had a hard time adapting to the fast ball and breaking ball. Although he received many opportunities at the beginning of the season, Ha-seong Kim received a lot of attention for his defensive power rather than his offensive power as the result did not follow. As a result, he appeared in 117 games, but only entered 267 plate appearances and had 54 hits, 8 homers, 34 RBIs, 27 runs batted in, and a .202 OPS of .622.

However, from last year, his offense started to improve little by little. Kim Ha-seong took advantage of the fact that Fernando Tatis Jr. missed the entire season due to a wrist injury and taking banned substances, and took part in 150 games, recording 130 hits, 11 homers, 59 RBIs, 58 runs, and a batting average of 0.251 OPS of 0.708, and succeeded in becoming a ‘main player’. Nevertheless, Kim Ha-seong has still been in the spotlight in terms of defense.

If his defensive power has been clearly demonstrated over the past two years, this year it is Kim Ha-seong who is holding both rabbits up to his offensive power. As of the end of the game on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time), he is soaring with 102 hits, 15 homers, 41 RBIs, 61 points, 24 steals, and a batting average of 0.287 OPS of 0.839 in 107 games. He is already having a career-high season in some offensive metrics, such as home runs, stolen bases and runs scored.

You can tell just by looking at the indicators how good Kim Ha-seong is having a season. Kim Ha-seong is currently ranked 9th in the National League in batting average (0.287), 14th in OPS with 0.837, and 6th in stolen bases (24). The bWAR (contribution to victory over substitutes) of the US baseball statistics site ‘Baseball Reference’ was 5.6, second in the major leagues following Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves), and fWAR in ‘Fan Graph’ was 4.2, ranked 8th overall. is uploading.

The point at which Ha-seong Kim’s performance began to rise in earnest was from the confrontation with the Cleveland Guardians on June 15th. Starting with the game against Cleveland, Ha-seong Kim is active enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who is almost certain to be the American League MVP, if you look at the 53 days, starting with the game against Cleveland, until the 7th. During that period, Kim Ha-seong’s fWAR was 3.0, tying for first place in the major leagues with Ohtani.

Usually, players with good batting pace lose their sense after playing hotly for as little as a week or as long as a month. However, Kim Ha-seong is maintaining a good pace for about two months. During that period, Kim Ha-seong recorded 56 hits, 22 RBIs, 35 points, 13 stolen bases and a batting average of 0.356 OPS 1.041 in 43 games. His batting average (0.359) and on-base percentage (0.451) each ranked third overall in the major leagues.

As Kim Ha-seong shows a hot appearance every day, the local evaluation is also piercing the sky. On the 7th, ‘The Athletic’ of the United States singled out Ha-seong Kim through an article titled ‘Amazing Hitters in 2023’. The media opened the door saying, “In last year’s postseason, San Diego fans couldn’t help but pay attention to how much they loved Kim Ha-seong.”

Continuing, ‘The Athletic’ said, “However, Ha-seong Kim is showing his skills this year. His batting average of 0.284 has exceeded his career high, and he has C+ power and B+ speed this year.” He praised it as a treasure of the National League.” Kim Ha-seong receives 7 million dollars (approximately 9.1 billion won) this year, which is by no means a small ransom, but it is a point where you can see that he is showing more than that.

‘The Athletic’ said, “If you have any doubts because of the blue (low number) item in the statcast, don’t trust him.” “The relative ranking is not good, but you can definitely hit the ball hard. “He has a double, five triples and 34 home runs. A lot of hitters with better hard hit rates couldn’t even come close.”

The media paid attention to the fact that Kim Ha-seong is showing room for improvement. ‘The Athletic’ said, “Ha-sung Kim’s low batting average only proves that he is not Jordan Alvarez. This is because Ha-sung Kim turned a ball that other batters swung into an in-play batted ball. Ha-sung Kim’s swing rate is only 5.8%. If he learns to play the other side of the field (right field), a batting average of 0.284 or higher is not unreasonable, plus his strike zone swing rate is 21% and he sees 4.37 balls per plate appearance, which will put Kim Ha-seong at the top. “, he emphasized.

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