“San Diego considers moving full-time shortstop Kim Ha-seong instead of Bogaerts” (San Diego Union-Tribune)… Bogaerts refuses, “I’m realistic, but it’s still too early.”

It has been reported that the San Diego Padres are considering hiring Ha-seong Kim as a full-time shortstop next year.바카라

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on the 2nd (Korean time), “San Diego is considering moving Ha-seong Kim to full-time shortstop instead of Xander Bogaerts.”

In the process of recruiting Bogaerts this season, San Diego reportedly expressed interest in taking over as first baseman, but Bogaerts stubbornly refused.

Accordingly, San Diego sent Kim Ha-seong, who was a shortstop in 2022, to second base and Jake Cronenworth, who was a second baseman, to first base.

However, only Kim Ha-seong did his part, and Bogaerts and Cronenworth did not do their job properly.

San Diego ultimately decided to return Kim Ha-seong to shortstop and Cronenworth to second base, with Bogaerts playing first base as originally intended.

The problem is Bogaerts. “Center field, shortstop, second base, that’s the triangle. When you start going to the corners, you’re closer to the bench. You don’t want to go (first) too fast,” Bogaerts said, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

I won’t insist on being the shortstop until the end, but that means I won’t give up on the shortstop position too quickly.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that San Diego has “already discussed internally about moving Bogart to the right side of the infield, and those discussions will continue. Manny Machado will be limited to designated hitter early in the season ahead of elbow surgery, and Ha-Sung Kim will play third base for the season.” “If we start, movement may be delayed,” he predicted.

“Ha-Sung Kim is under team control for one more season and is clearly the best defensive shortstop in San Diego. Cronenworth is considered better suited to second base. If there is a move, Bogaerts would prefer second base. San Diego would prefer Bogaerts to play second base.” “We have to convince him that first base is where he belongs.”

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