If it’s a home run, it’s a home run, and if it’s defense, there’s nothing you can’t defend! National team shortstop Kim Joo-won, who has the scent of Kang Jeong-ho and Kim Ha-seong.

 If it’s a home run, it’s a home run, and if it’s defense, there’s nothing you can’t defend. It smells like Kang Jeong-ho (formerly Pittsburgh) and Kim Ha-seong (San Diego), who were famous as big shortstops for the national team in the past. The main character is Kim Joo-won (NC) of the Hangzhou Asian Games national team.

Kim Joo-won, who joined NC in 2021 after graduating from Yushin High School, has been the starting shortstop since last year and announced the birth of a great shortstop by achieving double-digit home runs and stolen bases for two consecutive years. As a member of the Asian Games baseball team led by coach Ryu Joong-il, he contributed to an 8-1 victory with 2 hits in 4 at-bats, 2 RBIs, and 1 run, including the first two-run arch in the second game of the Super Round against China on the 6th (Korean time). .안전놀이터

Kim Joo-won, who played shortstop No. 7, pulled the 5th pitch against China’s starting pitcher Wang Weiyi at 1st base with no outs in the 2nd inning when the score was 0-0 and the ball count was 3B-1S, sending it over the right wall. He also showed off his outstanding presence on defense. While on defense in the bottom of the second inning, he quickly caught lead hitter Kou Yong-kang’s hit and threw it to first base, lightening the shoulders of Won Tae-in, who was standing on the mound.

Kim Joo-won said after the game, “It felt good and amazing to hit a home run in an international competition. His condition is always the best. “Even if it’s not good, I’m trying to improve it again,” he said. “Each game is really important. “I become more focused without even realizing it,” he said.

He showed off a great defense in the bottom of the second inning, and humbly replied, “As soon as the batted ball went towards (Won) Tae-in, he ran, and the speed of the batted ball was not fast, so I thought I could catch it if I chased it with all my might, but I think I got lucky.” .

For him, who has never experienced a fall stage since his professional debut, the Asian Games will likely be a good opportunity for him to grow to the next level. Kim Joo-won said, “I was lucky to get good results on such a big stage. “I always try my best to do well, but I think I was lucky this time,” he said. “I had a video call with (Park) Min-woo yesterday before the game. “Minwoo encouraged me to work hard,” he said.

Korea defeats China and meets Taiwan again in the finals. Kim Joo-won said, “I don’t know if I will get a chance to play as a starter, but if I do get to play again, I will focus on every at-bat.”

Meanwhile, coach Ryu Joong-il, who highly evaluated Kim Joo-won’s chances by saying, “Kim Joo-won’s swing trajectory is good,” said after the victory against China, “We have captured an important game.” “Starter Won Tae-in blocked well until the 6th inning, and catcher Kim Hyeong-jun had a good lead,” he said. “Kim Joo-won’s two-run home run early in the game was good, and more than anything, it is encouraging that Kang Baek-ho came back to life.” 

Korea pounded the Chinese mound mercilessly, hitting 16 hits, including home runs by Kim Joo-won and Kang Baek-ho. Manager Ryu Joong-il welcomed the recovery of the batting lineup and said, “Tomorrow is the last game, so I hope the batting lineup performs well until tomorrow.” 

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