Pirella has lost its intensity, is its partnership with Samsung over?

A year ago, the 2022 KBO League hitter category was a season in which Lee Jeong-hoo’s name was engraved, to the extent that it would not be an exaggeration to say that Kiwoom Heroes’ Lee Jeong-hoo, who was selected as the MVP of the year, swept the field. But what would happen if Lee Jeong-hoo’s name was removed from here?메이저사이트

It’s a meaningless assumption, but if you remove Lee Jeong-hoo’s name, the best hitter in the KBO League last year was Pirella. Pirella was ranked second after Lee Jeong-hoo in terms of most hits, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and RBI. He was even second in home runs (28) after Park Byeong-ho, and won the title in scoring.

To this extent, Pirella was an overwhelming hitter in the 2022 season. Considering that the records of the top players are slightly different, it can be said that Pirella was as good a post-KBO hitter as last season’s MVP Lee Jeong-hoo.

However, at this point in the season, a year later, Pirella’s position has completely changed. Pirella, who was the core and treasure of Samsung’s batting lineup, has been reduced to a foreign hitter whose contract renewal next year is uncertain.

His slugging power, which hit 29 home runs in the 21st season and 28 home runs in the 22nd season, also plummeted to 15 home runs this year, and his overall batting performance also dropped compared to last year. Although his performance was not so severe that he would be considered for expulsion during the season, it is an uncertain report card for Pirella, who plays a left fielder position where hitting ability is more important.

The reasons for his poor performance this season can be found in many aspects. Just by looking at the strong defensive shifts most teams made against Pirella, you can see that they have finished analyzing and preparing for him, who is in his third year in the KBO.

In addition, Pirella suffered from minor and minor injuries this season and was unable to maintain his normal condition. Born in 1989, he is now in his mid-30s. It is difficult to expect that Pirella will continue to maintain the vibrant offense and defense that he showed in his first and second years in the KBO.

If so, Samsung will have no choice but to worry about foreign batsman slots for next season. He will turn 36, but in 2022, he must decide whether to give Pirella, who has shown top-level performance in the league, another chance or find a replacement.

Considering various factors such as declining performance and age, it is highly likely that he will not renew his contract with Pirella, but it is difficult to make a decision considering the past experience of struggling due to the poor performance of foreign hitters after the departure of slugging first baseman Ruff.

Samsung, which has been in the bottom half of the league for two consecutive years and has been rumored to replace its general manager, is now preparing for a new era in the 2024 season. Attention is being paid to whether Pirella will once again be included in next year’s lineup, which will be led by young lions such as Ji-chan Kim, Jae-hyeon Lee, Seong-yoon Kim, and Hyun-jun Kim.

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