Anbangma’s congratulatory fire raises the possibility of opening at JunPO Incheon… SSG Kim Min-sik’s congratulatory shot confirming 3rd place’

Anbangma’s surprise home run. The suffocating tension was instantly broken. It is highly likely that the 2023 KBO League semi-playoffs will open at SSG Landers Field in Incheon, where the Korean Series victory celebration was held last year.

SSG home manager Kim Min-sik’s one shot relieved the players who were under the pressure of “we must win.” Min-sik Kim hit a solo home run in the bottom of the third inning in the final regular season game against Doosan held at Landers Field on the 17th.스포츠토토

He quickly cleared a two-seam fastball (133 km/h) thrown high to the body by Doosan starter Jang Won-jun, and the swing was so perfect that he could sense it was a home run the moment it hit.

Kim Min-sik’s home run, which flew 115 meters, was delivered to his teammates as a signal that ‘3rd place was confirmed.’ Sang-Hyun Ahn continued the momentum with a single to left and advanced to second base with a foil. Oh Tae-gon connected with a sacrifice bunt with one out and a runner on third base, and after Kim Kang-min walked, Han Yu-seom scored an additional point with a center fielder’s sacrifice fly to right-center.

Landers’ batting lineup, which was full of energy, gained momentum. When Guillermo Heredia created an opportunity for second and third base with a double to left, Ha Jae-hoon brought all the preceding runners home with a technical push.

SSG, who completed the big inning with a short and powerful attack, effectively secured the victory when Kim Seong-hyun, who took the lead in the bottom of the fourth inning, quickly hit a two-seam (134 km/h) to the inside and led to a solo home run to the left.

Doosan, which has secured 5th place, must prepare for the first game of the wild card match on the 19th. This is a game where there is no reason to exert all your energy. SSG ace Kim Gwang-hyun, who started as a starter, is pitching well, giving up a hit and a walk while striking out three through the fourth inning.

Although he almost lost his pride as the defending champion, Landers’ potential did not disappear even on the final day of the season. The fall baseball bracket is gradually becoming clearer

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