‘I leave when applause’ ends at a career high, gives up free agency → retires

The closing pitcher, who had a career high, made a surprise retirement announcement. Trevor May (34) ends his playing career at the end of this season.

MLB.com, the official Major League website, reported on the 17th (Korean time) that May announced his retirement ahead of becoming a free agent (FA) player.

May also announced on his social media that he was officially retiring from the sport. May also mentioned that she no longer plays baseball and that she is happy.메이저사이트

May pitched 46 2/3 innings in 49 games for the Oakland Athletics this season, recording 4 wins, 4 losses, 21 saves, 1 hold, and an ERA of 3.28.

This was his best performance since his major league debut. Although he is a closing pitcher for a last-place team, it is not difficult for him to remain in the major leagues through this free agent market.

But May announced his retirement. As for the reason for his retirement, he said, “It would be terrible to watch myself gradually decline in skill.”

In other words, he will leave when applause comes. It is very rare for a player who is about to become a free agent and has not completed 10 years of service time to retire in this way.

May, in his 9th year in the major leagues, pitched 450 1/3 innings in 358 career games, recording 36 wins, 28 losses, 33 saves, 67 holds, and an ERA of 4.24.

The total amount May received during his playing career was around $27 million. His salary this season is $7 million. It is a large amount that is difficult for the general public to touch.

Meanwhile, May expressed affection for his Auckland team-mates when announcing his retirement, but left a bitter note to the club’s owner, telling him to sell the club.

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