Klinsmann’s outing schedule revealed by an unexpected person, “I heard he will be staying in California, USA for two weeks”… Skip watching the FA Cup in November?

 National team coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s detailed schedule was revealed through the mouth of an unexpected person.스포츠토토

Lothar Matheus, a ‘legend’ who played for the German national team with Coach Klinsmann and collaborated with them in winning the 1990 West Germany World Cup, gave an update on his current situation, saying, “(Klinsmann) is now flying to California and plans to stay there for two weeks.”

The story is like this. Mateus is a commentator for Sky in Germany. On the 22nd (Korean time), I visited the MEWA Arena to broadcast the Bundesliga match between Mainz and Bayern Munich and met coach Klinsmann, an ‘old colleague’ who was watching the Korean Derby between Jae-Sung Lee (Mainz) and Min-Jae Kim (Munich).

Mateus did not appear in the studio immediately after the start of the second half, raising viewers’ curiosity. It turned out that he went to meet coach Klinsmann and was late due to a barrage of ‘selfies’ from fans. Matheus, who returned to the studio late, explained, “I talked to Jurgen, who came to the stadium. It took some time because many fans wanted to take selfies.”

Matheus reported that Coach Klinsmann was doing well. The broadcast host asked about Director Klinsmann’s future schedule, and Matheus specifically said, “He is currently flying to California and planning to stay there for two weeks.”

If Director Klinsmann stays in his home in California for two weeks to rest, his return to work will be in the second week of November. The initially planned FA Cup semi-finals Jeonbuk-Incheon and Jeju-Pohang (November 1st) and finals (November 4th) do not seem easy. The FA Cup semifinals and finals will be held in Korea on November 1 and 4, respectively.

Coach Klinsmann also announced that he plans to watch the 4th match of the Asian Champions League group stage between Lion City and Jeonbuk, which will be held in Singapore on the 8th of next month as a preparation for the World Cup qualifiers. There is a possibility that it will move directly from the United States to Singapore according to this schedule. After that, we plan to prepare for the North Korea-Central America World Cup qualifiers against Singapore (16th, home) and China (21st, away), which will be held in mid-November.

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