“Full swing without fear of any ball” KIA Post Kim Tae-gun The war begins… 18 Year Old Okinawa Dream

You can make a full swing on any ball. “I can do it well without being scared.”

The KIA Tigers are ready to be reborn as a catcher’s kingdom. A strong pillar was established by signing a three-year, 2.5 billion won extension contract with Kim Tae-gun (34). It is expected that Kim Tae-gun will play as a starting player for at least two years, giving his juniors time to grow.짱구카지노

There is also a plan that in 2026, when Kim Tae-gun enters the final season of his contract, a ‘post-Kim Tae-gun’ war should break out in earnest and internal synergy should be maximized. In addition to Han Jun-su, who stood out this year, the second team includes Han Seung-taek, Shin Beom-su, Kim Seon-woo, and Joo Hyo-sang. Kwon Hyuk-kyung, a promising player, is also discharged.

Lee Sang-jun (18, Gyeonggi High School), who was selected in the 3rd round of the 2024 rookie draft, is also unusual. As a catcher for the youth national team, he was the biggest catcher in this draft. KIA, which did not have a second-round pick, did not even consider recruiting Lee Sang-jun, but quickly took him when other clubs did not select him.

As a catcher with a balanced offense and defense, it is difficult to be promoted to the first team right away, but there is a good chance that he will become a dark horse in the post-Kim Tae-gun competition. A KIA official also said on the KIA YouTube channel Gya TV on the 24th, “Honestly, I really didn’t expect it. His shoulder strength and physical condition are good. He said, “It is unlikely that he will perform immediately in the first team, but he is currently number one among high school catchers.”

Lee Sang-jun made a bold statement to reporters after the induction ceremony held at KIA Champions Field early this month. In the end, he expressed his ambition not to fall behind in the professional world, where he has to prey on players who are 10 years above and below him. And the first stage is the Okinawa finishing camp that starts at the end of this month.

KIA recently announced the Okinawa finishing camp list. There are four catchers: Shin Beom-su, Han Seung-taek, Han Jun-su, and Sang-jun Lee. This means that these are the core of the next generation. It is also a determination to re-check Lee Sang-jun’s development potential and set a direction.

KIA plans to fully train in warm Okinawa. Lee Sang-jun plans to receive intensive training from battery coach Kim Sang-hoon. He told Gya TV, “Amateurs and professionals play different baseball. “I expect the training to be systematic,” he said.

He is said to be nicknamed Fu Bao. First-round rookie Cho Dae-hyun also acknowledged it. Lee Sang-jun told Gya TV, “I started playing baseball by following his older brother around. When he was in elementary school, he wasn’t a catcher, but he had the physique and could throw some balls, so he asked me to try it, so I did. He said, “At first, I was against (playing baseball at home), but I ended up playing it because it was fun.”

He was also full of spirit. Lee Sang-jun said, “He is confident in hitting, but defense is more important. He has to play good defense. He wants to play more consistently. He can take a full swing at any ball while at bat. “He can do it well without being scared.”

The role model is Han Junsu, as revealed in an interview with reporters. I’m looking forward to the Okinawa bromance. Lee Sang-jun said, “I want to become friends with him because he is dependable and good.” 

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