Han Yong-deok → Lee Kang-cheol → Kim Won-hyung Next is director Kim Min-jae? They say that if you assist coach Kim Tae-hyung, you can win the presidency…

 Is assistant head coach Kim Tae-hyung on his way to becoming a director? Coach Minjae Kim would be great.토스카지노

Coach Kim Tae-hyung, who took the helm of the Lotte Giants. The composition of the coaching staff to assist Director Kim is being completed. There are coaches who may come from teams that still have postseason games remaining, so the announcement of the full roster is being delayed, but with the SSG Landers’ fall baseball season over, it has been revealed that Coach Minjae Kim has been appointed as Lotte’s new head coach.

No position is unimportant, but the importance of the head coach’s role cannot be overstated. They must act as a bridge between the manager and the rest of the coaches and be active in communicating with the players. In particular, Director Kim is rumored to have a scary(?) style. In the head coach position, it is necessary to take care of those around you like a ‘mother’.

Coach Kim entrusted that important responsibility to Coach Kim. The relationship between the two dates back to the 2019-2020 season. I had a meal in one pot at Doosan. At the time, Coach Kim was the operations coach.

However, after the 2020 season, pitching coach Wonhyeong Kim, who was also at Doosan, was appointed as the manager of the SK Wyverns (now SSG Landers), and Coach Kim was hired at that time. In the baseball world, it is customary not to prevent movement to a higher position. Coach Kim was appointed as the head coach of SK.

But he wasn’t the head coach this season. Coach Won-Hyung Kim called in Won-Woo Cho, the second team coach, as a bench coach and assigned him the role of head coach this season. Coach Kim was in charge of strategy and base running. This time, when coach Kim Tae-hyung again talked about the position of head coach, the result was that coach Kim Won-hyung was unable to prevent the move. From Coach Kim’s perspective, it also meant going to his hometown team.

In any case, this is Coach Kim’s first time serving as head coach under Coach Taehyung Kim. He has reason to feel good about it. This is because head coaches who met Coach Kim are frequently promoted to manager.

It started with head coach Han Yong-deok at the end of 2017. He became the manager of the Hanwha Eagles. At that time, rumors of his appointment spread ahead of the Korean Series, causing confusion for Doosan, which ended up finishing in second place. So, when Doosan announced that head coach Lee Kang-cheol would become the KT Wiz coach the following year, they made an official announcement before the Korean Series.

Although he was not the head coach, pitching coach Kim Won-hyung also learned baseball from Manager Kim and became a manager. He was a head coach with full authority over the pitching department. Although he did not become a coach right away, coach Kang In-kwon, who is leading the NC Dinos sensation this fall, also worked as a battery coach during coach Kim Tae-hyung’s time at Doosan.

There is a clear reason why coaches trained by Coach Kim are well appointed as coaches. First of all, because Doosan’s performance was good at the time, the coaches’ achievements would have been highly regarded. Coach Kim led Doosan to the Korean Series for seven consecutive seasons. The coaches received the credit.

Also important was the expectation that the clubs would have learned from the new coaches they were serving, the unique charisma and leadership style of Coach Kim. In fact, all four directors mentioned above should be considered successful. Coach Han Yong-deok led Hanwha, a low-ranking team for many years, to fall baseball for the first time in 11 years. Director Lee Kang-cheol is a master director who needs no explanation. Coach Won-Hyung Kim also led the team to a combined championship last season. Director Kang In-kwon is also giving off the scent of a first-year master.

It’s interesting to use Director Kang’s example. Coach Kim Tae-hyung mercilessly sent Park Geon-woo, a star player during his Doosan days, to the second team when he played insincerely. Coach Kang also ordered the second team to be replaced this season when Park Geon-woo requested a replacement in the second half of the game. The result was the same. Park Geon-woo, who returned with a sense of responsibility, devoted himself to the team.

Coach Kim Min-jae is also a leader recognized for his ability to coach any team in the future. If you assist Coach Kim Tae-hyung and absorb the good points, good days can come for Coach Kim as well.

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