Back-to-back home runs with bases loaded → No. 1 in all-time team home runs… Head coach Jeong Kyung-bae of Hanwha is also involved in the batting department.

 Hanwha Eagles appointed head coach Kyung-bae Jeong (49). Although he is the head coach, he takes extensive care of the batting department as he is a leader with great expertise in batting. 온라인카지노

On the 27th, Hanwha announced the hiring of SSG Landers hitting coach Kyung-bae Jeong. His position is as head coach and assists Director Choi Won-ho. Head coach Jeong Kyung-bae worked with coach Choi Won-ho at Hanwha for two years from 2020 to 2021. He worked as acting first team manager and head/batting coach in 2020, and as futures manager and hitting coach in 2021. 

The Hanwha club said, “Coach Kyung-bae Jeong joined the club as a hitting coach for Hanwha Futures in 2020 and has the advantage of being able to understand the team as he has coached young players who are currently active.” He added, “He will serve as the head coach next season and be involved in the hitting department. “We will focus on improving the skills of the fielder,” he said. 

Coach Kyung-bae Jeong expressed his thoughts on his return, saying, “I came back to Hanwha with a heavy sense of responsibility in order to work well with coach Won-ho Choi and achieve results.” 

Coach Jeong continued, “I know that I need to be involved in the hitting department to some extent and try to help the team develop,” and added, “Players who have improved their skills will focus on mental management rather than technical aspects, and for younger players, “We will ensure that you can maximize your abilities through training to improve your skills,” he said. 

Coach Jeong also emphasized, “More than anything, the head coach is a position where communication between the manager and the coaching staff and between the coaching staff and the players is important, so I will do my best to play the role of an intermediary to ensure comfortable communication.” 

Coach Jeong, a right-handed pitching infielder from Incheon High School and Hongik University, joined Samsung in 1996, then transferred to SK in 2002 and played until 2009. He played a total of 1,322 games over 14 seasons, recording a batting average of . In particular, he holds the only record in the KBO League with a grand slam home run in consecutive hits against LG in Daegu on May 4, 1997, when he was a member of Samsung. 

Coach Jeong, who began his career as a leader in 2010 upon his retirement, served as a hitting coach and defense coach at SK. He was recognized for his leadership as a hitting coach by leading SK in team home runs for two consecutive years in 2017-2018. SK’s 234 team home runs in 2017 remain the record for the most in a single season in KBO League history. He also contributed to SK’s upset victory in the Korean Series in 2018. 

He then worked at Doosan in 2019 and worked at Hanwha for two years from 2020 to 2021. In 2022, he returned to SSG and contributed to the wire-to-wire integrated championship as the first team hitting coach. This year, after serving as the first team quality control coach and batting coach, he was appointed as the head coach of Hanwha at the request of coach Won-ho Choi. 

On the 21st, Hanwha hired first-team operations/base running (3rd base) coach Kim Jae-geol and first-team outfield defense/base running (1st base) coach Jae-sang Park, and is speeding up the process of putting together a new coaching staff, including head coach Jeong Kyung-bae. 

Doosan Futures defensive coach Kim Woo-seok, who has improved LG’s infield defense, is also planning to join the team soon, and they are seeking additional reinforcement as a hitting coach. We are focusing on strengthening details by recruiting experienced veteran coaches.

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