8 consecutive wins are crazy’ Doosan → SSG → KT are defeated, and the great record of the Haitai dynasty from 35 years ago is just around the corner 

The dinosaur’s steps are unstoppable. A new record for the longest postseason winning streak in history is now in sight. 

NC Dinos won 9-5 in the first game of the 2023 KBO League playoffs against KT held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 30th. It seemed like an overwhelming victory until a grand slam was allowed with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, leading 9-1. 토스카지노

They overwhelmed KT, who ranked 2nd in the regular season, in two hits. NC ace Peddy became the winning pitcher with 3 hits, 1 home run, 1 walk, and 1 run in 6 innings. He struck out a whopping 12, setting a new record for the most strikeouts in history. The previous record was 11 (Son Dong-yeol in 1989, Flexen in 2020). 

Peddie was hit by a ball on the forearm of his right arm in the Gwangju KIA game on the 16th, his last appearance in the regular season. Fortunately, the result of the examination was a bruise and not a fracture, but it took a long time to recover. There were doubts about his physical condition as he did not pitch until the semi-playoffs. 

He appeared in the first game of the playoffs 14 days after his injury, and set a great record without any aftereffects. Following the 5th record of ’20 wins + 200 strikeouts’ in the regular season, they also achieved an all-time record in the postseason.

From the first inning, NC’s batting line targeted KT’s starting pitcher Cuevas, who won the winning percentage this season with 12 wins and no losses. Following Son Ah-seop’s single and Park Min-woo’s double, Martin’s sacrifice fly gave them the first run, and Oh Young-soo’s solo home run hit in the second inning. Thanks to an opponent’s error in the third inning, Park Geon-woo’s RBI double, and Kwon Hee-dong’s timely hit, they took a 4-0 lead. 

In the 4th inning, ahead 4-1, Son A-seop’s RBI single hit Cuevas, and he added 3 more runs to advance to 8-1 and take the win. He hit 13 hits and scored 9 points. When Kim Si-hoon created a crisis with bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning, closer Lee Yong-chan came on the mound and allowed Bae Jeong-dae to hit a bases-loaded home run on the first pitch. There was no problem in winning.

As a result, NC has continued its winning streak without knowing defeat since the wild card match. They won the first wild card game against Doosan, and ended the semi-playoff series with SSG with three consecutive wins. It was 5 consecutive wins until the first game of the playoffs today.  

NC succeeded in winning 5 consecutive postseason games this year and 8 consecutive postseason wins. In the 2020 Korean Series against Doosan, NC won three consecutive wins from Game 4 to Game 6, when they were behind by 1 win and 2 losses, and won their first overall championship since their founding. NC did not advance to the postseason, ranking 7th in 2021 and 6th in 2022. They added 5 consecutive wins since this year’s wild card game, and have continued their 8 consecutive postseason wins since 2020.  

It is tied for second place for the longest postseason winning streak in history. Hyundai won the championship by winning Game 6 of the Korean Series against LG in 1998, won 4 straight games (best of 7) in the playoffs against Samsung in 2000 when the two leagues were in the system, and even won 3 games in a row in Games 1 to 3 of the Korean Series against Doosan. Recorded 8 consecutive wins in the postseason. 

After losing the first game in the 2015 Korean Series against Samsung, Doosan won the championship with four consecutive wins in games 2 to 5. In 2016, they went straight to the Korean Series by taking first place in the regular season, and won the championship for the second consecutive year with 4 consecutive wins in games 1 to 4 against NC, recording 8 consecutive wins in the postseason.  

In addition, Doosan won the championship with 4 consecutive wins in games 1 to 4 of the Korean Series against Kiwoom in 2019, and after taking 3rd place in 2020, it won 2 consecutive semi-playoff games against LG (best of 3 games) and 1-2 playoff games against KT. Until the victory in the second game, they recorded 8 consecutive wins in the postseason twice. 

The longest postseason winning streak in history is 9 consecutive wins. In the 1987 playoffs with OB, Haitai won games 4 and 5 while trailing by 1 win and 2 losses, and won the Korean Series with 4 consecutive wins against Samsung. Then, in the 1988 Korean Series, they recorded 9 consecutive wins, including 3 consecutive wins in games 1 to 3 against Binggrae. 

The longest winning streak in a single postseason is 7 consecutive wins. It was written in 2000 when Hyundai won 4 consecutive games in games 1 to 4 of the playoffs and 3 consecutive wins in games 1 to 3 of the Korean Series. 

If NC wins the second round of the playoffs on the 31st, it will tie the record for the longest postseason winning streak in history. If we win both games 2 and 3, it will be a new record. 

# Most postseason winning streak
9—Haitai (against OB) 1987.10.11 Jeonju PO 4 ~ (against Binggrae) 1988.10.22 Daejeon KS 3
8—Hyundai (against LG) 1998.10.30 Incheon KS 6 ~ (against Doosan) 2000.11.2 Jamsil KS 3
8— Doosan (against Samsung) 2015.10.27 Citizen KS 2 ~ (against NC) 2016.11.2 Masan KS 4
8— Doosan (against Kiwoom) 2019.10.22 Jamsil KS 1 ~ (against KT) 2020.11.10 Gocheok PO 2

# Most postseason (single season) winning streak
7— 2000 Hyundai PO 1 ~ KS 3

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