Under-15 baseball team defeated Sri Lanka with 26-0 ‘handball score’, a fresh start, tomorrow’s total match against Taiwan

 The 15-year-old baseball team reported its first victory in the 11th Asian Youth Baseball Championship, which opened in Weihai, China.

The national team, led by coach Song Yong-joo (Sekwang-joong), won a landslide victory against Sri Lanka on the 20th at the Weihai Baseball Field in the first group B match, 26-0, by a cold game in the 4th inning.메이저사이트

The Korean national team is led by starting pitcher Joo-hyung Park (SBC Gaeseong Middle School), Sohwi Sohwi (left fielder, Bucheon Middle School) – Dongyeong Kim (shortstop, Kwang Sekwang Middle School) – Hyunmin Lee (center fielder, light injury middle school) – Jun-sang Eom (3rd baseman, Jayang Middle School) – Ji-woo Kim (1st baseman) Baseman, Gangnam Middle School) – Seol Jae-min (catcher, Deoksoo Middle School) – Ha Hyun-seung (DH, Centum Middle School) – Bae Jong-yoon (right winger, Hwasun Middle School) – Choi Woo-jun (second baseman, Gyeongsang Middle School).

In the first inning, Sri Lanka’s attack was put to rest by starter Park Joo-hyung. Park Joo-hyung got off to a fresh start, striking out all of Sri Lanka’s first to third batters with 13 pitches.

In the bottom of the first inning, top batter Sohjae So-hwi hit the third baseman, and Kim Dong-young and Lee Hyun-min made the bases loaded with consecutive walks. Fifth hitter Kim Ji-woo also reached base with a fourth pitch due to the opposing pitcher’s pitching difficulty, and Seol Jae-min’s sacrifice fly made the score 2-0. After that, the designated hitter Ha Hyun-seung hit and Bae Jong-yoon and Choi Woo-jun’s consecutive doubles led the national team to score 5 consecutive hits from Lee Hyun-min in the 3rd to Ha Hyun-seung’s triple in the 7th, leading by 14 runs in the first inning alone.

In the bottom of the second inning, Um Jun-sang, Kim Ji-woo, Seol Jae-min, and Ha Hyun-seung’s consecutive doubles pushed hard, completing the early cold game conditions (4th inning 15 points, 5th inning 10 points) with 9 points. He added 3 runs in the bottom of the 3rd inning to complete the win.

Starting pitchers Park Ki-won (Sekwang Middle School), Kim Yeong-jun (Gongju Middle School), Kim Kang-min (Jam Shin Middle School), and Kim Dong-young (Segwang Middle School) pitched after starter Park Joo-hyeong, striking out 9 times in 4 innings, completely blocking the opponent’s lineup.

In this tournament, if there are three or more teams with a tie for victory or loss, TQB (number of runs scored/attack innings, runs allowed/defense innings) is calculated to determine the ranking, so the most points and the least number of points allowed are important. If the number of pitches exceeds 35 per day, the number of pitches must be taken off the next day (51 pitches 2 days, 66 pitches 3 days, maximum 95 pitches per day).

Coach Song Yong-joo, who leads the national team, said, “I was worried about the players adapting to the stadium environment and food, which is different from Korea after arriving in China, but I felt that the players were getting their senses while playing today. Because of that, I plan to put all my energy into the match against Taiwan tomorrow,” he said.

On the 21st, at 3:00 pm, the Korean national team will play against Taiwan, who overcame the Philippines, in the second qualifying round, which will be a watershed in the Super Round ranking decision.

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