Some Important Features In Windows 10 And Windows 10 S

Microsoft recently announced a special version of Windows 10 aimed primarily at teachers, students, and for use in educational institutions. Windows 10 S, as the new OS is called, is built from the core of Windows 10 Pro, but is meant to be faster, more secure, lightweight, and with improved battery life over its sibling operating systems. So, if you’re wondering what the differences between these two operating systems are, we pitched Windows 10 S vs Windows 10, and here are the differences you should know:

Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s own take at a “Walled Garden” OS, something that Apple perfected with iOS. Microsoft mentions that laptops running Windows 10 S will not be able to install apps from sources other than the official Windows Store, just like the Windows RT platform. This may be both a good thing, and a bad; and a lot depends on whether major third party developers repackage their apps for the Store or not.

Not allowing installation of apps from other sources will definitely improve the overall security of the system. Plus, app updates will be managed more efficiently, if every app is from the Windows Store only. However, all of these good things will go to waste, if popular third party apps like Chrome, Photoshop, Firefox etc. are not repackaged for the Windows Store.

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